8 Tips for Working From Home While Schooling Your Kids During Coronavirus

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Many parents across America are facing the start of a school year in which they’re called upon to balance virtual schooling for their children and working from home. It’s a difficult thing to balance. We all want our children to have an excellent education, but also a safe one, while we have careers to attend to.

Many of the obvious strategies for solving this conundrum involve simply throwing money at the problem through things like hiring a tutor, but for many families, that’s not a sensible option.

8 ways to balance working from home and virtual school for kids
Have clear schedules and guidelines

It is incredibly useful for both children and parents to know at a glance what each child’s daily schedule is and what the parent’s working schedule is like as well. This minimizes interruptions at inconvenient times.

For older children, one way of doing this is to create a set of Google Calendars, one for each parent working at home and… Read More

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