6 Simple Steps to Sell Your Car

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Cars are some of the most valuable assets people own, which means that selling them the right way is critical. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right spot for the answers you need. By studying this car selling guide, you’ll get plenty of tips for selling a car privately, tips for selling your car to a dealership and get introduced to other options like trade-ins. Whether you have your car paid off or you still owe on your loan, these steps and tips will prove extremely valuable.

Check any mechanical issues
Collect your paperwork
Set a price
Consider making minor repairs
Create appealing ads
Close the deal

1. Check any mechanical issues

Selling a broken car is not going to go over well. You may be able to execute a sale with a dealership or a car-buying company but expect to take a significant hit in the bottom line. Selling your car to a private seller, though, probably won’t fly. Not many people are interested in buying a broken car.

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