6 Burning Questions About Retiring and Investing, Answered

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This week, we’re looking at reader questions about investing and retirement, including 529s, Roth IRAs and more.

1. When should retirement investments be low-risk?
2. Is passive investing bad?
3. 529 or Roth IRA?
4. How to invest for a down payment
5. Books to read about investing
6. Are collectibles an investment?

Q1: When should retirement investments be low-risk?

When do you think a person should start being safer with their retirement investments?
– Adam

My belief is that any money you intend to withdraw from your retirement accounts in the next 10 years should be in something safer than the stock market, whether that’s bonds, cash or something else entirely. If you think you’re going to need it in 10 years, it shouldn’t be in stocks; if you’re confident you won’t touch it in the next 10 years, then it should be in something aggressive like stocks.

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