5 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

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Right now, many Americans are diving into cooking at home, due to business shutdowns and, for many, financial necessity, too. For almost all of us, the need to stretch every dollar has quickly become very important. How do we keep food on the table with so much uncertainty? How do I prepare things I and my family like to eat while keeping costs as low as possible?

There are many great strategies out there for cutting food costs. Here are five essential ways to make your food dollars stretch as much as possible.

Have a sensible grocery shopping strategy.

This is the most important element of all, so I’ll start with this one. Your trips to the grocery store should have a strategy that results in you going through the checkout while spending as little as possible on food and household supplies. I recently covered our strategies for optimizing meal planning and grocery shopping for time and money, and those strategies hold true. Here are the key ones.

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