5 Things the Next Stimulus Package Desperately Needs

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In a not-so-shocking, but still unbelievable, turn of events, Congress has adjourned for the summer without settling on a new stimulus package. While we can’t pass a bill to get rid of the virus, Congress can make attempts to alleviate the economic impact.

To follow the CARES Act and its expiring measures, the GOP introduced a trimmed down stimulus package called the HEALS Act and Democrats countered with their own proposal called the Heroes Act. Congress was unable to reach a compromise in a classic stalemate for the two parties — Republicans want to spend less, and Democrats want more comprehensive measures.

Since they have until Labor Day (when lawmakers return to D.C.) to mull it over — we have some ideas on what the package should include.

1. Extended eviction ban

Due to the pandemic, 23 million people could face eviction this fall. Some form of eviction protection or rental assistance should be in the next stimulus package, as well as measures to aid… Read More

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