5 Features to Look for in a Payment Gateway

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Collecting money from consumers should never be a complicated process. A payment gateway simplifies the handling of money from one hand to another.

That is why the payment gateway you choose should be a “plug and work” tool. Instead of worrying about specific transactions, business owners can concentrate on other important areas of their company. Below are five features you should look for.

1. Fast Transactions

Speed matters, and should not be slowed by the amount of the transfer. Nothing is worse than missing out on a sale due to a hold. Although you can’t control holds from the bank’s side, it is still nice to know that any transaction-related issues are minimized on your end. Payment gateways reduce problems from security holds on large transactions.

2. Gateway Security

Methods of obtaining data have become more intelligent, offline and online. This has led to more complex hacks designed to get around new security.

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