How to Find Inspiration in Doubt

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How to Find Inspiration in Doubt written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Kara Goldin

HintIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Kara Goldin, the founder, and CEO of Hint Water, a flavored water brand founded in 2005. She is also the author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.

Kara Goldin is an active speaker, writer, and host of the podcast Unstoppable with Kara Goldin where she interviews founders, ent… Read More

These Five Pieces of Software Help Manufacturers the Most

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Modern manufacturers face many challenges that range from supply chain disruptions to lagging behind competitors.
One of the ways how those companies (or, in fact, all companies regardless of industry)… Read more »

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Save over £40 with the best iPhone 12 pre-order deal

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Save over £40 with the best iPhone 12 pre-order deal

SAVE £48: The iPhone 12 is available to pre-order for £47 per month and no upfront cost on Fonehouse, saving you £48 on list price.

Pre-orders are available for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and that means that all the leading retailers are competing to offer the best rates.

The problem is that this new handset is likely to be super popular, so the deals aren’t exactly incredible. We aren’t going to see massive discounts because retailers know that there will be a long line of fans ready to make their orders.

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Even though there aren’t loads of deals, there are still plenty of chances to make savings. For example, you can pre-order the iPhone 12 (64GB) with 100GB of data for just £47 per month with no upfront cost on … Read More

How To Use Social Media Effectively

According to a survey conducted in the United States a stunning 90% of businesses were active in some way on social media in 2017. Facebook alone, has close to 1 billion users, equal to the total population of India, all over the globe.

The world has progressed to the point where everyone wants everything right at their fingertips. They want what they want constantly and they want what they want NOW. That is the number one rule of social media. If it’s used effectively the rewards are great. You want a social media page that

• Is active
• Has a large, engaged, and growing following
• Speaks to a large, relevant audience that translates into business conversions.

Using social media in a way that accomplishes these things can be tricky, but it also can be done.

Consider some of the following guidelines:

1: Headlines Matter:

You may have heard this famous proverb “don’t judge a book by its cover” but let’s be honest with ourselves. We are visual creatures who often act on the first thing we see, and authors seem to agree with marketing experts that the cover very much matters. Creating effective social media headlines takes some practice. Headlines should be catchy, attention-grabbing, and the appropriate length depending on your platform.

2: Compelling Visuals:

What we see is more important online than what we hear or read. Visuals play a vital role in all social media campaigns. The use of compelling pictures and video material brings more value and attention to your posts, especially when compared to plain text. Visual posts are becoming more important on every form of social media, but many platforms like Pinterst, Snapchat, and instagram rely on visuals entirely, and their popularity continues to soar.

3: Adapt According To Your Platform

Whether you’re working with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media site, each platform is going to come with a set of features. Most sites allow you yo post links, videos, and images along with your engaging text posts. Each platform is different, however. Instagram for instance offers various filters and focuses primarily on posts related to graphics, photos, and other visual posts. The nature of Instagram makes it ideal for sharing art. Twitter on the other hand, while it allows some of these features, is better for shorter blurbs and other text-based posts. Character limits require to you get your information out there short and quick, and as a far more active program you have to post CONSTANTLY to keep up with your following and your competition.

Whatever platform you’re using, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the individual social media site and adapt accordingly.

3: Trending and Timely:

Twitter perhaps began this concept, but Facebook and other platforms are adopting the concept of trends and hashtags as well. It’s important to follow what’s going with these trends, as well as what people are talking about on social media in general. Your posts must be timely, and fall in sync with current trends to remain engaging and capture the attention of your audience. Give them content that’s relevant.

You’ll have to experiment with your content strategy as far as when to post. Some audiences and topics trend at different times of day depending on the behaviors of their audience. What are their work schedules and daily routines? Try to pinpoint the times that they’re most on and post accordingly. This may require some trial and error at first, but as you tweak your posting schedule you’ll want to adjust and post mostly during the times that get the most engagement (likes, clicks, comments, shares etc)

Of course most of us aren’t available to post on social media 24/7, fortunately you may not have to. Many features like Facebook’s auto-scheduling program can make your life much easier as they allow you to schedule your posts in advance.

4: Cast A Net Of Posts:

Using a net can catch more fish for you than using a fishing rod. Its wider and has more reach. The same concept can in some ways be applied to social media. The algorithms of your visibility very much depend on the activity of your page. The more you post the more likely you are to be seen. One or two posts a day is good, but at some point it may not be enough. You want relevant content your audience will appreciate, so don’t just spam post, but have your content planned in mass and in advanced. Five or more posts a day may be ideal to start, but you can experiment with the number of posts you plan as you measure engagement.

4: Interact With Users:

Interaction with your users is an important, but neglected step in social media management and influence. First, many pages like Facebook measure your pages response times and rates and will sometimes post them publicly. You want to be as responsive and interactive as possible in your profiles inbox system, and even on your posts.

Users are more likely to engage if they feel connected with your brand on a personal level. Answer questions, respond to criticism, and above all, be friendly and polite. Let your users know there’s real people behind your page.

5: Keep The Content Coming

One of the biggest struggles for many businesses and users in social media is consistency. Creating content is more tedious than you would think, but it has to be done all the time. New content every day, fresh and original, is one of the biggest keys to success in social media.

Not everyone has time for content posting and creation, especially in a way that keeps up with the demands. With content constantly rolling out, you need to keep your pages busy. Luckily many automated programs like News Poster make the job a lot easier for those who are willing to invest.

Protect your online privacy and identity with this slick VPN

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Protect your online privacy and identity with this slick VPN

SAVE 73%: A two-year subscription to Private Internet Access is on sale for £2.19 per month as of Oct. 21, saving you 73% on list price.

We’re always on the lookout for the best VPN deals, and it’s a tough job because the leading providers are constantly updating their prices and plans. That’s good news for you, because there should always be an opportunity to save.

The latest deal to drop is from the popular Private Internet Access. A two-year subscription to Private Internet Access is on sale for just £2.19 per month as of Oct. 21, saving you 73% on list price. This plan also includes two extra months for free and a Boxcryptor cloud security license. Read more…

More about Cybersecurity, Vpn, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals… Read More

Benefits Offered by Outsourcing HR Services

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Featured image by Alexander Supertramp

Human resources management is a crucial and complex function for any business. If you do not have the resources to handle this job in house, then outsourcing HR services may be your best option.

With services like Paypro Workforce Management, it is possible to handle all HR needs without straining internal resources. Keep reading to learn the specific benefits of outsourcing your business’s HR needs.


Spend Less on Employee Salaries by Outsourcing HR Services

Did you know, on average, an in-house human resources management professional will earn $75K per year? What’s more, this is just a base salary. They also receive benefits. Depending on your business’s size, you may easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on your HR staff. However, when you outsource these jobs to a professional service, it can help you reduce this cost… Read More

GMC revives gas-guzzling Hummer as electric 'supertruck'

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GMC revives gas-guzzling Hummer as electric 'supertruck'

It may seem like an oxymoron that the massive, gas-guzzling GMC Hummer, once known as a symbol of overconsumption and excess, is back as a zero-emission, battery-powered electric car. 

But that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday evening when the electrified Hummer was revealed through a video streamed on YouTube (you can watch it above). The hulking mass of an EV is supposed to reach up to 350 miles on a single charge and go from 0 to 60 in approximately three seconds. 

The supertruck (it’s part SUV, part pickup) was first officially teased back in January and NBA star LeBron James starred in a series of ads during the Super Bowl. He was back Tuesday to narrate the start of the video reveal, which featured the truck bursting through the snowy tundra, climbing up desert rocks, and other i… Read More