I Just Graduated with an MBA. Now What?

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Have you just earned your MBA but you have no idea what you want to do? Alternatively, maybe you just started on your MBA journey. In that case, you probably want to consider your career options.

The Master of Business Administration degree, or MBA, is popular for a variety of reasons. In fact, many people want to earn one because it offers one of the largest job pools to choose from after you graduate.

Plus, there are many industries that you can get involved in. Moreover, you can even put your new business skills to use by starting and running your own business.

Therefore, be persistent in your search and you will surely find the career that suits you perfectly. Learn more here about the careers your MBA makes available to you.

In this article, we describe some of the most popular careers an MBA degree will open up for you.

Become a Computer and Information Systems Manager with an MBA

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A Guide For Business Owner: How To Improve Your Delegation Skills

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If you want to be a successful business owner, delegation is a skill that you must attempt to master at all costs. By becoming more efficient when it comes to… Read more »

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The Art of Managing Small Projects

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project managers will tell you there is a definite art to managing small

However, senior management may show little interest, expecting the team to just get on with it. Therefore, the art lies in winning enthusiasm and support from stakeholders. Even more importantly, a project manager (PM) must approach a small project as if it were a large undertaking.

Every project manager has to start somewhere, and a small project can be an ideal testing ground. A budding PM, perhaps moving up from a technical role, can use their first project to gain confidence and experience.

However, they will need support and mentoring from someone with more experience. Being thrown in the deep end can result in a failed project and a poor reputation for the new PM.


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Study of Lyft and Uber confirms we need to carpool way more

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Study of Lyft and Uber confirms we need to carpool way more

With on-demand rides available at the click of a button, it’s all too easy to get into a carbon-spewing vehicle without batting an eye.

But as a Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) study released Tuesday shows, all those rides are catching up to us. Instead of walking, biking, scooting, catching the bus, and even carpooling, too many of us are calling up our own private Uber and Lyft vehicles (and taxis, even though there are fewer of those compared to ride-hailing app options). The environmental advocacy group discovered this alarming number: Ride-hailing generates 47 percent more emissions than a private car trip. Then there’s this: Ride-hailing trips are 69 percent more polluting as the trips they displace.  Read more…

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Seth Meyers ridicules Bloomberg's awful attempt at satire on Twitter

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Seth Meyers ridicules Bloomberg's awful attempt at satire on Twitter

Mike Bloomberg received a wave of criticism this week after his campaign tweeted fake quotes depicting fellow candidate Bernie Sanders as praising various dictators. Then, when it became obvious these manufactured statements weren’t exactly endearing Bloomberg to the voting public as expected, his team attempted to smooth things over by tweeting, “To be clear — all of these are satire.”

“If you have to explain that something is satire then you’re also bad at satire,” Late Night host Seth Meyers quipped during Tuesday’s episode. “That’s like sexting somebody and then following it up with ‘this is supposed to make you horny.'” Read more…

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John Oliver episode about PM Modi not available in India on local Disney platform

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John Oliver episode about PM Modi not available in India on local Disney platform

John Oliver’s revealing (and scathing) look at India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the latest Last Week Tonight is now a bit harder to watch if you’re in India, thanks to — in an unexpected twist — Disney.

Hotstar, the Disney-owned streaming platform that carries HBO programming in India, didn’t make the latest episode of John Oliver’s weekly series available, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company’s local representatives didn’t respond to a request for comment. (Mashable reached out to Disney in the U.S., but no response there yet, either.)

In the latest episode, which aired on Sunday evening in the U.S. and should have arrived on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 25 in India, Oliver devoted the main segment of the 30-minute program to an up-close look at Modi’s tenure as … Read More

Leveraging Thought Leadership – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur

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Leveraging Thought Leadership – The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch visits with Peter Winick on the Leveraging Thought Leadership podcast to discuss his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Jantsch is well-known in marketing circles for his small business marketing expertise. He’s written five books in that space, but this latest book is a major departure. The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur is much more of a spiritual why-to for entrepreneurs who are looking to shift their mindset and find meaning in their work and life.

Jantsch shares his experience of writing this new book and having to market the book (as a marketer) beyond the bounds of the industry he’s most closely tied to. While it certainly represented a risk, as he could have alienated his core tribe, Jantsch feels passionately about the link between your business life and your personal life and wanted to write the book … Read More

How to Buy and Run a Successful Gas Station

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Are you thinking of purchasing a gas station?

Depending on which agency you ask, there are between 150,000 to 200,000 gas stations in the US. Moreover, some reports show that the industry is steadily and gradually increasing. Gas stations are opening up everywhere in the country.

Many people think managing a gas station is easy. However, this is a misconception.

When it comes to running a gas station, there are many things you have to consider. Depending on your location, there is a chance that you will have to compete with other gas stations that already have a strong customer base. Moreover, nearly 84% of convenience stores sell gas.

Therefore, in order to run a successful gas station, you need to have a solid, well-thought-out, and sound marketing plan. In this article, we talk in detail about what it takes to run a successful gas station.


What is debt consolidation and what are your options?

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Debt can be devastating. What began as small, manageable credit card debt or personal loans can quickly get out of hand if life throws you a curveball. From critical illnesses to family emergencies, unexpected bills or sudden cash flow shortages, it’s easy to find yourself underwater.

But it’s not all bad news — creditors increasingly realize the benefit in giving clients options to reduce debt and get back on track. Known collectively as debt consolidation, this framework includes multiple ways to address current debt load and create a road map to help rebuild credit and remove financial obstacles.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation focuses on shifting, combining or better managing current financial liabilities to help clients get back on track and avoid the trap of minimum credit payments. In particular, debt consolidation strategies look for ways to move your debt to a more favorable interest environment — such as another credit card — … Read More