15 Inexpensive Condiment Recipes

Sourced from https://www.thesimpledollar.com/financial-wellness/15-condiment-recipes-inexpensive

About a year ago, I shared an article about homemade condiment recipes. Rather than buying expensive mixed condiments, I like to save squeeze bottles and make my own condiment mixes, filling up squeeze bottles with interesting mixes and using them on sandwiches and as dipping sauces and, well, using them for all kinds of things.

In the recipe, I shared a few mixes I liked. Afterward, a number of readers shared their own recipes and a few asked for a follow-up article sharing lots of different recipes. Over the past year, I’ve made lots of different condiment mixes (mostly in very small batches, just to try them out) and found a bunch I really liked (and several I didn’t).

Here’s a list of 15 homemade condiment recipes, along with my notes on how they taste and what they’d be useful for. I only included ones that I really liked and could see myself using often enough to mix up a batch to fill a condiment bottle. Remember, each of these mixes made… Read More

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