12 best TV and movie recipes from 'Binging with Babish'

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12 best TV and movie recipes from 'Binging with Babish'

Steamed hams from The Simpsons. Imaginary pies from Hook. Meat tornadoes straight outta Pawnee, Indiana. What’s actually in these fictional onscreen wonders and can we have them in our real lives?

Yes we can. Brooklyn-based chef, cookbook author, and longtime YouTuber Andrew Rea has spent years finding ways to recreate iconic dishes from pop culture on Binging with Babish, one of the best online spots for you TV and movie fans to see your favourite fabricated foods come to life (and learn how to make them yourself). 

While there’s more than pop culture recipes on the channel (check out the basics videos for handy, straightforward cooking tips), the very best BWB recipes are those that have been born or popularised in a particular TV show or movie. He usually makes a faithful version of that di… Read More

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