11 Family Finance Tips During the Pandemic

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In this week’s reader mailbag, we’re talking about families, particularly financial issues involving children and parents. This is a topic near and dear to me as a member of the “sandwich generation,” meaning that I simultaneously have young children at home as well as parents and in-laws who are already retired. Most of the questions in this mailbag deal with those challenges.

1. How much should we save for having kids?
2. Caring for a parent without retirement
3. Managing kids’ virtual learning while working
4. Saving for college without stocks
5. Setting “rent” for in-laws
6. Making inexpensive school lunches at home
7. Kindle Unlimited for daughter
8. First pet for a child
9. Cleaning out parent’s stuff
10. Returning to a job after a year
11. Cheap healthy kid-friendly food

Q1: How much should we save for having kids?

I’m 29, my wife is 26. We have been… Read More

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