10 years of 'Lost,' and 10 years without it

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10 years of 'Lost,' and 10 years without it

On May 23, 2010, the cultural phenomenon of ABC’s Lost concluded after six years.

Within the next five days, I rewatched “The End,” the two-part series finale, because I needed to face it alone and bawl my eyes out. I am not heartless, so like any Lost fan I’ve revisited some favorites over the years (always “Do No Harm,” “Greatest Hits,” or “The Constant,” and one anomalous viewing of “LaFleur”). 

But I have not rewatched one of my self-proclaimed favorite TV shows of all time from start to end since 2010. Until now.

A few months ago, I did something either very funny or very fucked up or both, and decided to watch Season 3’s “Stranger in a Strange Land,” a notoriously rough episode and one of the show’s worst, on a flight to Thailand (this is the episode about Jack living in Phuket and doing truly nothing of impor… Read More

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