Washington caught its first Asian giant hornet. OK fine, yes, a 'murder hornet'.

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Washington caught its first Asian giant hornet. OK fine, yes, a 'murder hornet'.

Don’t call it a “murder hornet.”

The stinging. honeybee-hunting insect that first made the news in May is back in headlines once again. Months after it was first sighted in the U.S., the Washington State Department of Agriculture actually managed to catch one in a trap.

A WSDA press release confirms that an Asian giant hornet was recovered on July 14 from a trap set near Birch Bay, just south of the Canadian border. It wasn’t formally identified until July 29, at which point it became the first of its species to be caught in the U.S., following five previous sightings.

The state agency characterized the news as “encouraging.” While it’s not great that the invasive species of hornet is indeed present in the U.S., having a viable trap means work can begin on finding and er… Read More

Five Super Important Things to Rank Your Site

What is a Ranking in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is meant for the betterment of web pages to help search engines rank them accordingly. In SEO, ranking indicates the position of a website’s page on what’s called the search engine results pages (SERPs).
According to Google, the ranking of a website is vital because it helps in showing the relevant search results. It is also essential for the organization of largescale data present on the web and making the information reachable and valuable to people all around the world.

The ranking also makes it easier for Google to catalog the pages based on the optimization and quality of the pages.
The five most important factors in ranking of a website are:

1. Secure Website

The right URL is secure and easily accessible. A secure and accessible URL is probably the most important ranking factor of any website. Google’s bots should be able to access and crawl URLs for the information they need.
In other words, websites that have URLs that Google can visit and review easily, are more likely to rank higher on the SERPs.

To improve the ranking of your website by making it secure, you need to consider the following:
• A well-developed website through a standard website builder.
• Robots.txt file that is used by Google to determine where it can and cannot view the website information.
• A thorough sitemap which gives the details of all of your pages.

2. Page Speed

Page speed is one of the primary SEO ranking factors for many years. Websites that have rapid-loading webpages give an excellent experience to the users. Faster websites are highly preferred by search engines in any ranking system.
Since 2018, Google has taken into account the page speed on mobile devices as well as PCs. Therefore, website developers should consider smart devices and their loading speeds as well.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

Smartphones and other smart devices have become ubiquitous in the last decade. The majority of users on the web use mobile devices to browse websites. Hence, the mobile-friendliness of a website is a major ranking factor today. It has impacted the SERPs a lot because now, only mobile responsive websites are ranked on the first few pages of Google and other search engines.

Google implements a mobile-first index, which means that the results of the searched keywords are drawn from the mobile-optimized pages. Your website must be mobile responsive if you have a desire to see it ranked high on Google.

Some important factors included in website friendliness are:
• A responsive site that can fit and resize according to the device.
• Fonts are large enough to be readable on small screens.
• Different menus and pages can be accessed and navigated easily.
• Ads are placed appropriately and do not hide the content.

4. Content-Length

Some SEO experts do not consider the content length to be an important factor in the ranking of pages. However, it can be observed from the general ranking on Google that websites that have unique, engaging, relevant, and an appropriate word count are ranked higher than the others.

There is no hard and fast rule on the content length. A long piece of writing is appreciated in SEO ranking because it takes time and energy to create a unique and engaging long content.

However, there must be a balance in length. An excessively long and uninteresting piece of writing content will not attract many people to your website, which will adversely impact rankings.

Recent trends in Google rankings have shown that content length should never be ignored, and long-form content is performing better at the top of the SERPs. As a general rule, 1,000 words or more is optimal for most general content.

5. Domain Age and Authority

Data about the top-ranked websites on Google suggests that the old websites are ranked higher than the new websites. The main reason for this is that the old site is usually optimized over a period of a few years. In some cases, the domain name also accounts for the ranking of a website.

Some researches show that domains that match to each other and that are relevant, useful, and highly-optimized enjoy a significant ranking boost. However, your URL must reflect the nature of your business.

Authority is also another factor in SEO ranking. It consists of SEO signals like inbound links, social media impressions, and page authority. All of this requires a great deal of research, time, and experience, but the process can be made simple by automating it all through advanced programs. Highly ranked websites and SERPs are possible and you no longer have to be a digital marketing expert to make it all work. Web Fire is a great way to make this process fast and simple.

13 of our favorite deepfakes that'll seriously mess with your brain

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13 of our favorite deepfakes that'll seriously mess with your brain

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of deepfakes — perhaps all the sinister things they can do — but honestly… they can also be kind of fun. 

In a rudimentary sense, deepfakes can be a face-swap of sorts, but really it’s more complex. It makes something that wasn’t — swapping in a person for another, changing what they say, shapeshifting reality. That’s why it can be scary. Imagine the damage that could be done making someone say something they did not. 

But again… they can also be kind of fun. That in mind, we’ve collected some of our favorite amateur deepfake videos but, you know, not the kind that threaten democracy.  Read more…

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Egyptians call out Elon Musk for spreading a ridiculous pyramids conspiracy theory

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Egyptians call out Elon Musk for spreading a ridiculous pyramids conspiracy theory

Sheesh, can’t a billionaire CEO tweet out a racially insensitive conspiracy theory in peace?

We are of course talking about Elon Musk, who loves to post wild shit in a way that makes it unclear as to whether he’s joking or not. Experts on ancient Egypt weren’t so tickled by his latest proclamation. 

On Thursday, Musk tweeted, out of the blue: “Aliens built the pyramids obv.” The claim that aliens built the pyramids is a conspiracy theory that spreads on YouTube and Reddit.

Aliens built the pyramids obv

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 31, 2020

On Saturday, Rania al-Mashat, Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation, quote tweeted Musk with a seriously gentle rebuke and an invitation for Musk to visit Egypt and see the pyramids for himself. Read more…. Read More

Microsoft confirms it's in talks to buy TikTok, and Trump is involved

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Microsoft confirms it's in talks to buy TikTok, and Trump is involved

Microsoft has confirmed reports it’s in talks to acquire TikTok, writing in a Sunday blog post that the deal is currently in preliminary discussions. Oh, and the U.S. president is part of them too.

TikTok has been the subject of intense international scrutiny as of late, with various governments accusing the video sharing app of sharing users’ data with the Chinese government. President Donald Trump claimed he would ban TikTok just last week, and a report from Bloomberg stated he may even order China-based parent company ByteDance to sell the app.

It still isn’t clear whether Trump has given a direct order mandating a sale. He’s certainly involved though, as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella actually met with Trump to discuss the potential acquisition. Microsoft stated it “appreciates the U.S. Gover… Read More

Don't you wish you could fly free like this beautiful space butterfly?

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Don't you wish you could fly free like this beautiful space butterfly?

These are hard days for the humans of planet Earth, especially those of us who despise inequity and fascism. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, if you could flap your brilliantly colored wings and take off into the stars?

The below image, captured by the European Southern Observatory’s “Very Large Telescope” (great name) in northern Chile, gives us a look at the vibrant planetary nebula known as NGC 2899. Yeah, I know, it’s not a real butterfly. But imagine if. Then go further, and pretend the butterfly is you.

<img alt="Don't you wish you could fly free like this beautiful space butterfly?" class="" data-fragment="m!fe86" data-image="https://mondrian.mashable.com/uploads%252Fcard%252Fimage%252F1432551%252Fd54b105d-417c-46f4-ac2f-62b5344e886a.jpg%252Ffull-fit-in__1200x2000.jpg?signature=Ql… Read More

How a TikTok ban could work, and what it means for your content

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How a TikTok ban could work, and what it means for your content

President Donald Trump casually dropped Friday that he would “ban” TikTok. That added heft to earlier statements made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the administration was considering a ban.

But how would a ban on an app that’s already been downloaded by 165 Americans, and that anyone can currently download from Apple and Google app stores, actually work? 

Trump provided few details, and any executive actions he might sign would be subject to legal challenges. TikTok also maintains that it isn’t going anywhere. The issue might all be moot if the app’s rumored sale to Microsoft comes to pass.  Read more…

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Ugh, fine. I 'get' Twitch now. All it took was 'Ghost of Tsushima' and a pandemic.

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Ugh, fine. I 'get' Twitch now. All it took was 'Ghost of Tsushima' and a pandemic.

Five months into self-isolating alone in a one bedroom apartment, I’ve accepted that my expectations of how all this was going to go were unrealistic. I don’t mean that in reference to the physical reality of the COVID-19 pandemic or even the whiplash unpredictability of the time loop that is 2020 — I mean my expectations for me, personally. I have not baked a single loaf of bread, planted no herbs, and completed exactly zero virtual yoga classes. 

The reality of my isolation is that trying new things is hard and I’m tired. The paradox of being exhausted from a surfeit of nothing is not lost on me, but I’ll be damned before I spend my energy on something I’m not even sure I’ll like. As someone who works full time reviewing telev… Read More

What to expect from Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event

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What to expect from Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event

The world may be at something of a standstill thanks to COVID-19, but Samsung is still out here making flagship phones and, uh, other things. As such, we have another Galaxy Unpacked event to look forward to this week.

Samsung previously announced that its next Galaxy Unpacked would be online-only for obvious reasons. The event will stream on Samsung’s website at 10 a.m. ET on Aug. 5. In a blog post, Samsung revealed it would announce five new devices at the event. Since the new Galaxy Z Flip 5G has been officially confirmed, we can probably strike that one off the long list. 

Thanks to a litany of leaks (what else is new?), we have a pretty good idea of what we’ll be seeing at Galaxy Unpacked. Get ready to see the word “Galaxy” way too many times. Read more…

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Wilford Brimley, beloved entertainer and star of 'Cocoon,' is dead 85

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Wilford Brimley, beloved entertainer and star of 'Cocoon,' is dead 85

Wilford Brimley, whose work as an actor and as a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association made him a transgenerational favorite, is dead at 85.

Brimley died on Saturday morning, his manager Lynda Bensky confirmed to Mashable. He was in intensive care at the time, receiving dialysis treatments and dealing with unspecified medical problems. He is survived by his wife Beverly and his four children.

“Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust,” Bensky said in a statement. “He said what he meant and he meant what he said. He had a tough exterior and a tender heart. I’m sad that I will no longer get to hear my friend’s wonderful stories. He was one of a kind.” Read more…

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