Apple released three iPads in 2020. Which is right for you?

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Apple released three iPads in 2020. Which is right for you?

It’s safe to say that Apple has released a ton of products in 2020, including three new iPads: iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the standard iPad (eighth generation). Each tablet not only comes in different sizes but is also equipped with a different processor, and a variety of storage configurations. So, you might be a little confused about which one to purchase. 

Depending on the iPad and its particular capabilities — whether that’s simply for using apps and web browsing or for more advanced use cases like editing video or photography — starting prices can range between $329 to $1,149. Clearly, you’ll want to choose the one that best fits your needs (and budget). Read more…

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Tesla released its diversity numbers and, well, what did you expect?

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Tesla released its diversity numbers and, well, what did you expect?

For the first time in the company’s 17 year history, Tesla has publicly released statistics on the gender and racial makeup of its almost 50,000 employees. 

As reported by CNBC, Tesla’s leadership is comprised of 59 percent white people and 83 percent males. 

Further statistics show that women of all races make up 20 percent of the non-leadership workforce. Black people are 10 percent of that workforce, Asian employees comprise 21 percent, and Hispanic or Latinos are 22 percent. 

A further 7 percent of the workforce was counted as “Additional groups,” which include Pacific Islanders and Native Americans. The CNBC summary also noted that the company “did not include figures on nonbinary and gender nonconforming employees.”  Read more…

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The hunt to replace DevaCurl, every curly girl’s fallen savior

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The hunt to replace DevaCurl, every curly girl’s fallen savior

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.

Almost a year ago today, I suffered one of the greatest betrayals of my life. 

OK, that’s dramatic. But it’s hard to overstate the magnitude of shook the curly hair community was back in January 2020.

It all started when influencer Ayesha Malik posted a tearful and scathing video warning her roughly 250,000 followers to stop using the beloved, longstanding golden standard of curly hair products: DevaCurl. Her brunette corkscrews as frazzled as her emotions, Malik explained how she went from proud brand ambassador to boycott leader: Over the course of a year, she started noticing inexplicable damage to her prized, perfectly preserved locks, her thick mane not only thinning but changing texture… Read More

Coin Dozer Review: I’ll Give it a Pass! (Here’s Why…)

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The promise of earning money while playing video games can be very tempting. After all, almost all of us want to get paid for doing something fun. In this Coin Dozer review, I’ll be discussing an app that promises this very thing. There are a lot of apps that pay you to play game online…. Continue…

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Dive into the real estate world with a $40 course bundle

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Dive into the real estate world with a $40 course bundle

TL;DR: Learn more about real estate with the Complete Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle, on sale for $39.99 as of Dec. 5.

You don’t have to be on Selling Sunset to get real estate investment guidance from actual pros. The Complete Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix and Flip, Step-by-Step Bundle is a series of online courses designed to guide you through the world of real estate — as slowly or as quickly as you need.

In this course bundle, you’ll learn from Airbnb for Dummies co-author Symon He, who’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and Khari Parker, the owner of a successful real estate company, among others. They’ll go over everything from commercial real estate analysis to the fundamentals of underwriting, securitization, and so much more acro… Read More

Unlock American Netflix for under £1 a month with this exclusive VPN deal

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Unlock American Netflix for under £1 a month with this exclusive VPN deal

SAVE 89%: A five-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for £0.99 per month as of Dec. 5, saving you 89% on list price.

We know that you’ve probably exhausted all of your content options by now. Netflix? Done. Prime Video? Done. Disney Prime? Done. Congratulations on completing streaming in 2020.

You might be considering doing something more wholesome like actually going outdoors and experiencing the world, but we’re here to remind you about a trick that can unlock more content from your favourite streaming sites. Put your coat away and sit back down.

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What To Do With Your Tax Refund

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As the tax filing season approaches, many people are looking forward to getting their tax return filed, so they can get that long-awaited tax refund check in the mail.  That envelope from the IRS comes with a big question: what should I do with my tax refund? And, perhaps just as important, what shouldn’t I […]

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How To Reach Out To Local Business Leads

For many people, their businesses are their primary source of income and the way they provide for their families. In order for a business to continue generating a steady source of income, and to grow, a business needs to seek new clients. Anyone who’s been in business for a day can tell you how competitive it is. Your customers have plenty of businesses to choose from so you have to go out and find them. It’s hard to be found by new customers, but luckily in the age of the internet we have thousands of platforms and means to advertise and market ourselves.

There are many ways to start with lead generation and it can be done through platforms like Google and social media. Many businesses also like to use a landing page along with other methods to generate leads. Using landing pages effectively can be a great way to gather leads, but first you have to get your leads to visit them.

Whether your business is online or offline both avenues are great for getting the word out about what your business is doing. Many believe multimedia marketing is only for the big dogs in the business, but local companies have many avenues before them as well.

1: Paper Publication Advertising

If you’re trying to draw in certain groups or demographics, local magazines or newspapers may be the way to go. This is a great way to reach people locally and to reach a specific audience since magazines and paper publications that operate by subscription will cater to a certain audience. By using local publications you also have a higher probability of reaching people in the neighborhood. Even in 2020 there are still ways to be effective in newspaper advertising as well.

2: Online Paid Ads

Pay per click and similar methods of online advertising are still alive and well and with customizable tools and targeting options, ads on platforms like Google, Instagram and Facebook are becoming better than ever. These platforms allow you to set custom budgets and running times as well as specialized goals and targeting options. Social media is ideal for reaching customers because you can reach out to potentially millions or even billions all over the world, but you can narrow them to those who are most likely to take an interest in your business. Local businesses can utilize this incredible option as well, since the ads programs allow you to also target your customers geographically and may even be able to track local behaviors like store visits. Many businesses are using social media to advertise their business as well as to generate leads on platforms like Facebook. Online ads are the ideal way to reach out to potential clients and customers as well as prospective leads globally, nationally, and yes, locally, at the click of a button.

3: Google

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. While the platform allows you to potentially reach millions or perhaps even billions of customers all over the world, it’s also ideal for gathering local leads and clients as well. Did you know? More than half of smart phone users locally find services on Google by simply typing a business or service name then the words “near me” into search engines to find what they need locally. Optimizing your business webpage, landing page, and social media page as well as local results is an ideal way to find the people you need locally. All local entrepreneurs should consider optimizing their listings on Google My Business.
4: Business Cards

Local businesses are still often relying on tried and true methods, and where the modernization of the digital age hasn’t rendered these methods obsolete it has in many ways improved them. Online websites like Vistaprint make it easier than ever to print paper promotional materials like business cards and flyers to help you get the word out in person when the times comes. Design is made easy by online wizards or cheap freelancer services, and if you prefer not to wait for shipment you can even pick them up at your local Stores that offer this service.

Business cards are still a tried and true method for networking and reaching out to local clients and should be carried on you at all times. Often business owners have complained of networking and business opportunities arising in daily conversation, only to realize they had nothing to give the potential client who may have been to rushed to take down a number. Business cards are still a great way to make people aware of your business, social media pages, web pages, and may even be a great way to draw local traffics to your leads pages.

5: Direct Mail

Many in the business world still have mixed views about direct mail marketing, but it is certainly still effective even as a means of lead generation. It takes some work and research but you can market and reach out to leads effectively through direct mail marketing and it is an assured way to reach out to local leads since you know all your recipients are in the neighborhood. Direct mail marketing may not be as effective as it used to be, but many businesses are still using as effective way to expand their client base.

6: Automated Programs

One thing that’s making life easier for business owners of every size and stripe, is the development of software that automates and streamlines the process. Programs like Macroleads allows you to organize your leads and reach out far more effectively to potential clients, all while saving precious time.

10 Frequently Asked Data Analytics Interview Questions

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Are you applying for a position as a data analyst? Or are you a hiring manager for one of these positions? Either way, this is a post that could be important for you. This is because we offer here ten questions interviewers frequently ask during data analytics interviews. Additionally, we provide insights on each question.


The era we live in is characterized by a massive generation and flow of data. Data, after being transformed, is given meaning and context to become information. Information, in turn, becomes useful knowledge for decision-making.

Data is critical to the operation of any organization. In fact, it has become indispensable in solving business problems and exploring opportunities. Therefore, data analytics, the process of analyzing raw data to extract valuable information, is important to businesses in severa… Read More

The Ins and Outs of Investing Internationally

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As globalization continues to reach every corner of the world, investing internationally has never been so easy. In fact, you can invest in overseas markets and even hold a foreign investment portfolio from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a simple phone call.

Today, investors can reap the rewards of investing in international markets. This is something you might not have previously known about or had access to.

Simply put, a foreign portfolio investment is a type of investment that an investor registers overseas. Just as with domestic investment portfolios, international investment portfolios can include a range of assets. These might include stocks, bonds, and fixed-rate investments. However, you will just hold them overseas.

But before we explore the benefits of overseas investments, we need to understand how they work.

How Can You Invest Internationally?

Many investors natura… Read More